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Bedroom Sets

We take pride in our extensive range of quality Childrens Bedroom Sets, which include both modern and traditional designs that you and your child will love from infant to teen.

Whether you are looking to transform your childs bedroom into a young adults one, or just looking for a completely new look, we have wide range of Sets containing either Single or Small-Double Beds, Double or Triple Wardrobes, or even Sets with extra shelving units.

All of our Room Sets are compiled to aid you in choosing the perfect furniture for both your child and yourself, aiming to help with time constraints that everyday life brings as well as providing discounts to fit anyones budget. Our personal favourites are the Manhattan and the Michigan!

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  • Treehouse Furniture Charterhouse Roomset

    Treehouse Furniture Charterhouse Roomset

    £1,049.99 £1,260.00

    (no review, yet!)

  • Treehouse Furniture Oakhouse Roomset

    Treehouse Furniture Oakhouse Roomset

    £1,124.99 £1,350.00

    (7 reviews)

  • Brooklyn Roomset

    Brooklyn Roomset

    £1,219.99 £1,464.00

    (3 reviews)

  • Oregon Roomset 2

    Oregon Roomset 2

    £1,499.38 £1,799.28

    (2 reviews)

  • Alicia Roomset

    Alicia Roomset

    £970.00 £1,164.00

    (no review, yet!)

  • Alpa nursery roomset

    Alpa nursery roomset

    £1,999.99 £2,400.00

    (no review, yet!)

  • Aspen Roomset 1

    Aspen Roomset 1

    £1,370.00 £1,644.00

    (no review, yet!)

  • Cameo Nursery Roomset

    Cameo Nursery Roomset

    £840.00 £1,008.00

    (no review, yet!)

  • Charly nursery roomset - boys

    Charly nursery roomset - boys

    £1,560.00 £1,872.00

    (no review, yet!)

  • Charly nursery roomset - girls

    Charly nursery roomset - girls

    £1,560.00 £1,872.00

    (no review, yet!)

  • Dakota High Compact Sleeper

    Dakota High Compact Sleeper

    £760.00 £912.00

    (no review, yet!)

  • Georgia Roomset 1

    Georgia Roomset 1

    £1,200.00 £1,440.00

    (no review, yet!)

  • Kendal Roomset

    Kendal Roomset

    £844.00 £1,012.80

    (no review, yet!)

  • Louise nursery roomset

    Louise nursery roomset

    £1,474.99 £1,770.00

    (no review, yet!)

  • Maine Roomset

    Maine Roomset

    £1,020.00 £1,224.00

    (no review, yet!)

  • Manhattan Roomset 1

    Manhattan Roomset 1

    £1,200.00 £1,440.00

    (no review, yet!)

  • Manhattan Roomset 2

    Manhattan Roomset 2

    £1,200.00 £1,440.00

    (3 reviews)

  • Michigan Roomset 1

    Michigan Roomset 1

    £989.99 £1,187.99

    (no review, yet!)

  • Michigan Roomset 2

    Michigan Roomset 2

    £1,320.00 £1,584.00

    (no review, yet!)

  • New York Roomset

    New York Roomset

    £1,080.00 £1,296.00

    (2 reviews)

  • Olivia Roomset

    Olivia Roomset

    £785.99 £943.20

    (no review, yet!)

  • Olympe nursery roomset

    Olympe nursery roomset

    £1,500.00 £1,800.00

    (no review, yet!)

  • Oregon Roomset 1

    Oregon Roomset 1

    £1,199.99 £1,440.00

    (no review, yet!)

  • Oscar nursery roomset

    Oscar nursery roomset

    £1,045.60 £1,254.72

    (no review, yet!)

  • Pablo Bleached Walnut Nursery Roomset 1

    Pablo Bleached Walnut Nursery Roomset 1

    £856.00 £1,027.20

    (no review, yet!)

  • Pablo Oak Nursery Roomset

    Pablo Oak Nursery Roomset

    £899.99 £1,080.00

    (3 reviews)

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Boring rooms beware! Our gorgeous Room Sets are the perfect way to complete a room makeover. With our vast collection we know you are sure to find a design that suits your child's style.

All of our Room Sets come from suppliers who have more than 50 years of experience in dealing in children's bedroom furniture, but if you would like any advice please feel free to call our friendly Customer Service Team who will be happy to help.

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