High Sleeper Beds

If you are looking for a stylish, modern way to have it all, then look no further. Our range of high-sleepers gives you everything you need in a child or teenager’s bedroom; you get storage, workspace and a top quality comfortable sleeping area and the kids get their dream look. These high-sleepers are perfect for smaller bedrooms or for the young person who has it all, and nowhere to put it! Whether you are looking for an integrated wardrobe, a funky desk or simply want the funky grown up bedsit look, our high sleeper range has something to suit your needs.

Set Descending Direction

Our High Sleeper Beds are great for Older Children as they allow you to maximize floor-space and storage options in a child’s bedroom.All of our High Sleeper Beds are built using Quality materials that can stand the test of time.

Many of these beds come with shelves and a desk below perfect for studying or some come with chairs that can be turned into spare beds perfect for sleepovers.

These beds are designed for small rooms to maximize space, but can also free up floor space in larger rooms.

Our High sleeper beds all come from the same high quality French manufacturer who have specified in children bedroom furniture for over 50 years. Each one is as great as the last at turning a small space into a modern room your child will love.