Tables & Chairs

All of our Chair and Table ranges are specifically designed and have been created to be the perfect size for your child. We know its a hard job to keep your children to sit still but with these lightweight and comfortable chairs we are sure your child will love them.


For the perfect tea or dinner party take a look at our children's table and chairs. There are adorable sets and gorgeous individual pieces, and we think you'll agree our range is fantastic, fun and funky!


Choose bright colours, wonderful designs and even animals to accessorise and accentuate children's bedrooms, play rooms or even dining rooms. High quality and beautifully made, our kids' tables and chairs are just what you're looking for.

Set Descending Direction

Whether its a tea party or lunch time all of our table and chairs are the perfect height for your little one to enjoy resting their legs from a day of fun.

All of our table and chairs come with safety features to stop them easily being toppled over, these include the table and chair legs being set at an angle. This makes it harder for a child to lean or tilt, giving you peace of mind if you need to pop out of the room.

Our table and chair range is suitable for many age groups, our sets are all different heights guaranteeing you can find the right height for your child.