Our teenage beds are full of style and personality, and range from classic single beds and modern doubles, to space-saving cabin beds and cool high sleepers. Whatever their taste in décor and size of room, there’s a bed to suit.


We have a massive range of different varities of beds from the must more common single bed to high sleepers and cabin beds. We love the Modern and grown up feel all of our beds have, they are also available in colour co-ordinated roomsets that are great for full room makeovers.


If you are limited on space some of our Mezzanine beds are the ideal space saving solutions, not only do they look fabulous but they are also very practical.


Our beds for teenagers are perfect for lounging, gaming, watching movies, reading, and for sleeping late on the weekends!

Set Descending Direction
Cabin Beds for Teenagers Cabin Beds
Double Beds for Teenagers Double Beds
High Sleepers for Teenagers High Sleepers
Single Beds for Teenagers Single Beds

Create your teenage the perfect space with any of our beds, most of our beds also come designed to fit together as some of our room sets. Making it lots easier to complete a full room makeover.

We all know how important a good nights sleep is and never is it more important in your child's school days, these beds can guarantee comfort for a perfect nights sleep.