Cabin Beds

If you are short of space in your kids bedroom then the Cabin Bed is the perfect All-In-One solution. With the ability to have drawers, cupboards, a desk or an open storage space the Cabin Bed fits the bill. We realise the importance of what kids need and have put together what we believe is the best and most durable range to suit every possible storage need you could want. Please see our full range below and if you have any questions please just let us know. We are always happy to help.

Set Descending Direction

We have a wide range of Cabin Beds available; each one creates a modern stylish room with its great space saving solution.

We have ones with spare beds that are ideal for sleepovers and some with desks (perfect for studying).

Our Cabin Bed Range has been hand-picked by us at Kids Rooms and has been chosen to offer your children a stylish, sturdy, fun place to sleep.

Cabin beds are brilliant space savers for rooms who are limited on space, some of our beds include desks as well as drawers to take storage to the maximum but keep space to the minimum.

All of our cabin beds come from our French supplier who have had more than 50 years of experience in dealing with quality children's furniture.